Capital Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions from the Campaign Events

Updated as of 9-19-2015

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Sacred Heart Parish Capital Campaign and Remodel
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Concerning Video In Nave and Vestibule Areas

Question:Will there be screens for video in the vestibule area (Mall) and Nave or sanctuary? 

Answer: We are looking at different video and sound options for the Mall area as well as in the Nave behind/above/to the side of the Sanctuary.  There are several types of systems such as large screen LED displays or projection devices with screens.  The new entrance into the Nave will have doors to reduce the amount of unwanted noise into the Nave from the Mall area.  There will also be speakers and video available to those in the Vestibule area to take part in the Mass.  Temporary seating in the Mall area will continue to be available in support the Masses at Easter and Christmas celebrations.

Concerning Seating and Growth Capacity

Question: How will the seating capacity change? What are the growth expectations for Sacred Heart? 

Answer: The purpose of the renovation is not to expand the amount of seating, however with the removal of the wall, the new entrance, modification to the sanctuary and larger main aisle the seating will have to be redone.  The exact seat capacity has not been finalized but the design does predict an increase of about 5% (seating capacity is 885 now).  Keep in mind that the number of occupants and availability of egress (exits) has to be coordinated and approved with the City Building Department and Fire Marshal.  Future Sacred Heart Parishioner growth is not known; we have a stable number of parishioners, however with these modifications and our new evangelization outreach we do expect new growth, and hope to also attract younger families.

Concerning Ceiling Considerations

Question: What will happen to the current ceiling, e.g., popcorn? Is a Sprinkler System Required?  If so, are funds included in the plan to cover this?

Answer: We are looking at different options for the ceiling.  There are several factors that are under consideration (not in any particular order):

  • Once the wall is removed we will have an acoustic analysis performed on the Nave area to determine how to optimize it for ideal sound.  The solution may require the modifications to the ceiling and flooring to properly absorb and reflect sound.
  • Another item is how to mount the acoustic speakers for proper sound projection, minimizing unwanted reverberation and in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.
  • Addition of lights to brighten up the overall Nave so it doesn’t look like a cave.
  • We have not tested the existing ceiling for asbestos so we do not know what it actually contains.  However it has been painted once and is sealed.  The library had a test that did have traces.  But if it does, then we will require doing more to protect both workers during the modifications, the maintenance folks in the future and our parishioners.  Actual asbestos removal costs may be prohibitive and thus other containment options will be considered.
  • A suspended ceiling is being consider both for aesthetics and practicality.
  • There are estimates in the current bid to address the above items.

Concerning Pews, Kneelers and Noise

Question: Will there be new pews?  Will new kneelers be attached to the floor or the pews?  How will this remodel enhance reverence in the church?

Answer: Yes, there will be new pews and kneelers.  The new pews are required due to the new layout associated with removing the wall, enlarged entrance area from the vestibule to nave, choir area modifications and more efficient use of floor space.  The kneelers will be connected to the pew (not to the floor as they are now).  They will have a design to reduce noise when lowered or raised.  There are shock absorbers or slide type hardware that can do this.  We will also look at acoustic deadening materiel in the songbook shelves to reduce noise there as well.  These aesthetically looking improvements and reduction in noise will enhance the overall reverence in the Nave.  The shape of the Pews, that is straight or curved part of the analysis for final design.  There is some concerns in the current architecturally depicted curved ones as they do not readily support kneelers.

Concerning Costs & Funding

Question: When will we get a breakdown in project costs?  When is the money needed?  Does it need to be pledged or collected? 

Answer: The current cost estimates are at $2.5M including a reserve for potential overruns and unknown or unidentified costs.  Detailed breakdown of costs will come in increments associated with the individual project costs. Costs will be allocated to account for design efforts, building permit approval process and then updated estimates for construction.  Upon completion of the remodel, any unused capital campaign funds will be used for additional efforts in the Church and School.  We need to receive or collect 60% or about $1.2M of the funds in the first year (2015 – 2016) of the Capital Campaign in order to open a line of credit for the remaining amount and thus begin construction.

Concerning Mass during Construction

Question: Will we still be able to have Mass during the renovation?

Answer: We will be displaced for a while during the renovation process of the Nave, but this will be minimized as much as possible.  Masses will be held in the gym. Daily Mass will be held in the downstairs Forum.  Funerals and Weddings location will be discussed per each individual situation. It is expected that Adoration will continue through-out.

Concering Current Confessional and Sacristy Area

Question: Will the confessionals and sacristy areas be modified?

Answer: There are no current plans to modify the confessional or existing sacristy areas.  The current wall, doors etc. are not par  of the current renovation plans.

Concerning Working Sacristy

Question: What do you mean by a “working sacristy”?  How do you enter it? 

Answer: The working Sacristy behind the altar in the renovation plans contains the chalice, paten, altar linens and Holy Oils.  Our existing sacristy will remain to keep vestments where clergy will change to perform the Mass as well as the cleaning area and sacrarium.  There are two doors for entering the proposed, working sacristy, one on each end.

Concerning Bell Tower

Question: Will we ring the bell again?  Are there any plans to modify it? 

Answer: We looked at the Bell Tower to put a small pyramid shape roof on top of it with a new well-lighted cross on top to provide both an aesthetically pleasing look for Sacred Heart and provide protection to the bells.  We are considering the use of motor driven bell ringers that would be controlled electronically.  In the past the physical cables allowed rain water to leak into and flood the basement.  The existing structure has also resulted in corrosion and the seizing up of the cables.  Please note: during the feasibility study this item received the lowest priority of all items and has been tabled for the time being.

Presentation at the Campaign Kickoff Event, held August 9th.

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Feasibility Study Report, conducted in May 2015, results presented on 8/9/15:

Key Insights into This Report (Click Here to View Entire Report)

  • The Financial Forecast has been analyzed under a conservative microscope and is based on Sacred Heart having many parishioners on fixed incomes who are 60+ years of age.
  • The answers to the bell weather questions (1, 2 and 3 in Executive Summary) are all solidly positive and show the church is healthy and ready for a capital campaign.
  • In question 4 of the Executive Summary, only 15% were unsupportive of the church conducting a capital campaign which is a very low percentage of no’s for this question.
  • In question 5 of the Executive Summary, only 62 individuals said they were unsupportive of a capital campaign financially which is a very low percentage of no’s for this question.
  • The pre campaign financial support of $801,847 clearly indicates the church wants to move ahead with a capital campaign. This is over one-third of the funds needed for the entire $2 Million renovation project. Church Development enthusiastically recommends that Sacred Heart move ahead with a summer/fall 2015 capital campaign.