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Since Fr. Daryl's stroke in June, 2013, we have prayed together for him as a congregation at Mass, in the bulletin and website. In his autobiography, he shared how he encountered the reality of Jesus in the Eucharist on Easter in 1986. That was his mantra for the rest of his life. Several of us honored that mantra by going to him every morning and praying with him and sharing Eucharist with him. Thanks to the Claretians providing a van, we were able to transport Fr. Daryl to Mass each Sunday where he was able to worship with "those he loved". On Passion Sunday, with his body being consumed by an incurable blood disorder, he made his last sojourn to the earthly altar of God. On Good Friday he left his diseased body behind and resurrected to the heavenly altar in the presence of Jesus. We will miss him, but we can rejoice that his is now in the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus for all eternity. ~Deacon Tony Humphrey