Second Collections

Schedule of Second Collections

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Date                               Collection

January 24, 2016          Special Needs Church in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe        

January 31, 2016           our local St. Vincent de Paul Society (5th Sunday)

February 7 2016            CDA

March 6, 2016               Catholic Relief Services

March 25, 2016             Holy Land (Good Friday)

April 24, 2016                Catholic Home Mission

May 8, 2016                  Communications

May 29, 2016                our local St. Vincent de Paul Society (5th Sunday)

June 26, 2016               Peter's Pence

July 17, 2016                 Native American & Black Mission

July ?, 2016                  Claretians

July 31, 2016                our local St. Vincent de Paul Society (5th Sunday)

September ?, 2016       Food for the Poor

September 18, 2016     Catholic University

October 2, 2016            Gospel of Life

October 23, 2016          Mission Sunday

October 30, 2016          our local St. Vincent de Paul Society (5th Sunday)

November 20, 2016      Campaign for Human Development

December 11, 2016      Retirement Fund for Religious

From the Desk of Fr. Darrin, 2/26/2015 ~

It is my hope that our celebration of the Mass be always a spiritual experience, with something for our minds, hearts and souls. Efforts are underway to improve the sound system, have homilies pre-printed and to increase the number of disciples in the many ministries that make the Mass happen. With this goal in mind I am ending the passing of the second collection basket. The second collection is still there. Almost all of the second collections are required by our Diocese or the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). The second collection that we at Sacred Heart Parish choose to do is on the fifth Sundays for the local St. Vincent de Paul Society (four times a year). All of these collections still exist, we just will not be passing the second basket. We will collect everything in one basket, in one pass. So, this means that you
need to make it clear where you want your money to go. Money that you intend for the additional collection, charity or cause needs to be clearly marked for that purpose.

For those that regularly contribute to a second collection, here is what to do:

1) Give on-line via the parish website/on-line giving. The option to give to additional collections will be available for about three weeks, about a week before and two weeks after the date.
2) Use the additional envelopes that you received with your monthly envelope mailing.
3) Use an envelope in the pew and mark what the additional collection is.
4) Stop by and give at the Parish Office.

All envelopes marked for another collection will get to that cause/charity just as before. Additional collections will be announced in the bulletin, at Mass, in this letter and the website. I realize that not having the second basket can be an inconvenience. But as more people move to on-line giving and with the envelopes available, I think we can transition to just one basket. This means we can focus more on the liturgy and the message that God has for us in the Mass.

Thank you and see you at Mass!
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Darrin Merlino, C.M.F., Pastor